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Oil Paintings

These are all 100% original oil paintings. I do not make prints of any of these images, so if bought, you will be the only one who has that particular painting.  I am very influenced by the artist David Maisel's work, specifically his body of work entitled "Canister's 1", and "Canister's 2".   His photographs capture amazing textures, and colors that are produced by these canisters that are simply unreal.  Some of them even seem as though they are glowing  in an almost creepy but beautiful way, which is something I try to produce in my paintings.  I call my work "beautiful chaos".  I hope that my work evokes some sort of emotion for whom ever have a chance to view them. All of my paintings have anywhere from 4-13 layers of paint depending on the painting. Nothing is airbrushed, every painting is completely done with a brush, along with using painting knives to create texture.  Each oval is individually created by my hand, making every one 100% unique.


I do create custom paintings as well, and could collaborate with you as the customer as much as possible.  Each painting takes anywhere from 1-3 months to complete, and anywhere from 2-6 months to dry, depending on the amount of layers, and thickness of texture, complexcity etc.


If you would like to know the price for a commission, feel free to email me at

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